A collection of the latest images hand-picked by us. Each month, we meticulously review all the images we've encountered and choose those we believe warrant a second glance!

Tour North 2023

Capturing unforgettable moments from our Northern adventure! Explore our software house's tour album.

SparkAi Team

Beneath Azure Skies: Our Journey Unfolds.

Shaheer Ul Islam

Exploring new horizons.

 Mujahid Muneer

Making memories one step at a time.

 Group Boating

Capturing Memories in nature.

Mujahid Muneer

Relaxing Souls With Nature.


Scaling New Heights!

M.Ashir & M.Afzal

Mountain Dreamers.

 M.Afazl & M.Azzaz

Capturing moments, creating memories.

Eid Gifts

Our dedicated team members receive thoughtful Eid gifts Wrapped in anticipation, these tokens of appreciation reflect our unity and gratitude.

Abid Ali

Gift of Love, for Eid Bliss.

Basit Islam

Memorable Eid.

Syed Wajeeh

Eid Delights.

Junaid Arshad

Joyful moment.

Usman Ashraf

Eid Surprises.

Hammad Iqbal

Memorable Eid.

Asad Imtiaz

Simple Gifts, Endless Smile.

Salman Ahmad

Unforgettable Moments.

New Year - Bonuses

Unlocking new achievements in the new year! Explore our software house's new year bonus album!


Celebrating hard work and dedication.

Annual Bonus

Rewarded for our dedication and innovation.

Annual Awards

Cheers to teamwork and innovation!


Grateful for the recognition among tech innovators!

Usman Ashraf

Championing innovation, one award at a time!

Huzaifa Ali

Fueling our passion for innovation with each accolade!

Ahsan Butt

Standing tall with our team, celebrating innovation!

Abbas Khan

Elevating excellence together, one award at a time!

Shining Stars of Month

Meet our Stars of the Month! Celebrating exceptional talent and dedication at our Software House.


Congratulations to our shining star.

Ali Usman

Excellence recognized!

Shahid Muneer

Meet our top performer!

Asad Imtiaz

Proud moment with my software squad!

Company Culture - Gaming

Leveling up our company culture with gaming fun! Check out our software house's gaming album.


Game on! Foosball fever.


Mind over board: Checkmate in progress.


Plotting my next move on the chessboard of life.

Play Station

Level up with PlayStation vibes.

Birthday's Celebration

Discover our Employees' Birthday Album! Celebrating special moments and team camaraderie at SparkAi.

Wajeeh & Ashir

Celebrating another trip around the sun!

Faraz Ahmed

Cheers to another year of greatness!

Rabeel Qaiser

Leveling up with each birthday bash!

SparkAi Team

Another year, another reason to celebrate together!

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