SparkAi is always open to smart and creative people. Join our team of like-minded individuals who strive to achieve their goals. Let's work towards success together!

We’re looking for problem-solvers, creatives, and doers to set the new standard for how work gets done.

We believe in giving our team everything they need to thrive, both in life and at work. The success and wellbeing of our people are the best representation of who we are.


We are interested in building a community
of individuals who share our values and goals.

For Lahore, Pakistan

Senior Frontend Developer

For Lahore, Pakistan

Quality Assurance Engineer

For Lahore, Pakistan

Backend Developer

For Lahore, Pakistan

Full Stack Developer

Telephonic Assessment

The first step in SparkAi's career is the telephone interview, where the interviewer seeks answers from the candidate.

Online Interviews

The second interview is held online via Zoom, where the candidates are asked to turn on their webcams for better assessment.

In-house Interviews

Further down in SparkAi careers, after passing the first and second rounds, he further assesses if the person can sit well with the technical team.

Why SparkAi?

Team Culture

We are not just colleagues, we are friends. We spend time together with frequent coffee chats, company teas, team lunches, and team-building activities.

Deep knowledge

SparkAi goes deep. Deep in data. Deep in relationships. Deep in understanding. With significant team experience ranging from experts within ML, AI, and AdTech.

You can grow

SparkAi is a place where you can grow in the area you want. We are happy to see your professional and personal skills grow. A growing team provides more learning opportunities.

Annual Trip

SparkAi arranges annual leisure and recreational trips for employees. The trip is full of adventures, games, laughs, and excitement!

Lunch Facility

Lunch facility services for all employees. Connect with other teams, make new friends, and enjoy food at a company-sponsored lunch.


Freedom to work remotely or from the office. We provide flexibility to work from home two days a month. If you value us and the work you do, we will value the time you give us!


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